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About Amanda


Qualifications, Skills & Experience

I am dedicated to improving people’s waistlines, fitness and wellbeing and have helped my clients achieve incredible results and get a body they are proud of

  • BSc Honours degree in Nutritional Biochemistry

  • A highly qualified fitness professional of 18 years/ level 3 personal trainer

  • The ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals



I understand just how hard it can be to lose weight and achieve the body shape you desire. I had been a very slim and fit person all my life, when to my dismay, I began to gain weight in my early forties - gaining two stones and three dress sizes in just four years!  However, when I tried to lose the weight with conventional low calories diets- I failed – not once- but several times.  Dieting made me hungry (the ravenous, starving kind), miserable and lacking in energy. I might lose a few pounds but would always gain it all back again. I felt such a failure especially given the fact I had a science degree in nutrition and was an exercise instructor. I was so embarrassed with the shape and size of my body and was mortified when I was asked (on several occasions) when my baby was due!


This set me on a journey to find a healthy way to lose my excess fat, without deprivation. I wanted my younger, fitter body back and was determined to get it.  So I spent hours researching and studying the latest cutting edge science on fat loss, nutrition and exercise. Armed with new knowledge and ideas I made positive changes to my lifestyle and habits and created dozens of delicious healthy recipes that helped me shed my excess pounds without constantly suffering from hunger and low energy levels. In just six weeks, I lost 10 lbs of fat, gained 1.5 lbs of muscle and felt great. I subsequently lost the rest of my excess weight over the next two months and have since kept it off for over 5 years.


Using my personal experience and knowledge, I helped others lose weight and they too got incredible results. I decided to call my method -The S Plan, because it is a Simple, Sustainable, Solution, for permanent fat loss that can deliver great results in just Six weeks.



The S-Plan – I wanted to loose weight for the summer!


I wanted to lose weight for the summer as I had several big social events and weddings to go to. However running my own floristry business, Tinke floral designs, meant I was just too busy to find the time to exercise and cook healthy meals. I would often grab something on the go or skip meals then over-eat later.  The S-plan 1-to-1 seemed the ideal solution.

 Amanda The S-plan coach discussed my weight loss and fitness goals, analysed my eating, drinking and exercise habits. She then took my all my measurements and did a fitness test.  Using this information she came up with an exercise and eating plan that would fit into my life style and get the results I wanted.

I enjoyed being on the plan, the recipes were delicious and kept me feeling full. Exercising first thing in the morning not only gave me a positive start to the day but energised me all day long.

The S-Plan – It Really Works! 


I loved The S Plan’s recipes they were so easy to make and tasted delicious.  After 6 weeks I had lost 11lbs of fat and gained a pound of muscle.  I then went on to lose another 10 lbs and get down to my ideal weight. I’ve now kept the weight off for four years just by cooking The S Plan recipes  and walking my dog Kippy every day.
Jacqui (Solicitor Derby)

The S-Plan – Slimmer, Fitter and Healthier in 6 weeks


In my forties I  gained a lot of weight around my belly  and had tried to diet several times but they just made me feel hungry and lethargic.  The S Plan made me slimmer, fitter and healthier in just six weeks.  I lost lost 11 pounds and 4.5  inches from my waist. What I loved about The S Plan was having so much more energy and I never felt hungry once; the opposite to my experience with diets  Glynis 


The S-Plan – Results within 6 Weeks


I contacted Amanda after reading about her fat loss programme - The S Plan because I  had recently gained a dress size and was struggling to lose weight.  Within six weeks I was back in my size 12 trousers having lost 8.5lbs fat.  More importantly my body was much stronger and more toned as I had also gained 1.5 lbs plus my overall fitness was much improved.
Jen ( Retired Derby)