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Programmes & Services

The S Plan 1-to-1

The S Plan 1-to-1 is a bespoke six-week programme designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and ensure you get great results - fast. I am here to motivate and inspire you to achieve your weight loss, health and fitness goals with my expert knowledge, experience and coaching. My method focuses on a tailor-made exercise and nutrition plan that aims to optimise fat loss, boost your metabolism, whilst sculpting a stronger, fitter and healthier body. During the six weeks, my aim is to re-educate your mind and re-wire eating and lifestyle habits, so the results last a lifetime.

The S Plan 1-to-1 programme Includes :
•  Two x 2-hour health and fitness assessments (initial and final) to include: health and fitness tests, goal setting,
   nutrition and dietary analysis, BMI, body composition and body measurements
•  Weekly personal exercise and coaching sessions  
•  Daily contact and weekly progress tracking
•  A bespoke nutrition and exercise plan

The S Plan recipe book Prices start from £390