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Programmes & Services

The S-Plan Nutrition & Fitness

The S-Plan Nutrition & Fitness

This assessment is designed to establish your health and fitness baseline and serves as the benchmark for setting health, fitness and weight loss goals. This includes a comprehensive fitness test, nutrition and dietary analysis, body composition and BMI calculations, body measurements, personalised goal setting and advice.

Prices start from £60
(requires a minimum 2-hour appointment)

The S Plan Bespoke Eating and Nutritional Plans 

Created to meet your unique nutritional needs and preferences, to optimise fat loss, improve health, boost your metabolism and achieve   your weight loss goals. Initial consultation can be done face to face, by telephone or by Skype.

This includes:
•   A food diary analysis
•   Personal calorie and nutritional calculations
•   Weekly menus
•   The S Plan recipe book
•   Nutritional information and understanding food labels

Prices start from £60

Cooking Lessons and Workshops

To increase your cooking and nutritional know-how and build a repertoire of delicious and nutritious dishes that are quick and easy to create from simple ingredients. Can be done in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Prices start from £30 per hour for private lesson 

Also see Events page for upcoming
workshops and events