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Programmes as unique as you are


Every client is unique because their needs, goals and lifestyles are all different. This is why my programmes are also unique; designed specifically for you, to fit with your  busy lifestyle and to ensure maximum results in minimum time.  I am passionate about empowering people to get the body they desire. I will be your motivational coach, educator, personal nutritionist and trainer. I will support and guide you through every step of your transformational journey to become a slimmer, fitter, healthier you and equip you with the knowledge and strategies to stay that way for life. I can and will make you look amazing. You will shed those unwanted, stubborn pounds – permanently and reclaim your more youthful and sexier body

My method -The S Plan will transform your body into a slimmer, fitter, healthier you – permanently, without suffering hunger or depriving yourself of the foods you love, because it delivers fat loss in a healthy, intelligent way. Based on science, it works in harmony with the body’s complex hormonal system that controls appetite, metabolism and ultimately whether we either store, or burn fat. The S Plan is not a diet but a healthy eating and lifestyle programme that combines nutrition, exercise, lifestyle advice, practical strategies, motivation and support. I tailor my method to suit your lifestyle, individual needs and goals.

During the consultation and training sessions, I really get to know you, so I can understand your needs and expectations. I work closely with you, adapting the programme as needed so you progress each week.  I am highly qualified and experienced in nutrition, fat loss, group fitness and personal training. I also offer excellent coaching and motivating skills and my approach is one based on being frank, honest and empathetic. I will guide and facilitate your transformation in a practical, flexible and realistic way so that you can re-wire your habits and find the balance you need to maintain your new body forever.

What We Do...

Inspire, motivate and educate


Confused about all the conflicting advice on weight loss, nutrition and exercise?  Tried countless diets but nothing has worked? Feel tired all the time? Hate looking in the mirror?  Then attend one of my Body and Lifestyle Transformation Workshops and it will:

  • clear up the confusion and simplify the science

  • explain why diets don’t work for long term fat loss and what does

  • teach you simple strategies to improve your health, fitness and energy levels

During the day you will learn how to:

  • Cook delicious meal in minutes

  • lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived

  • reshape your body with exercise routines that take20 minutes a day

Sign up for a workshop that will inspire  you to transform your body and lifestyle –permanently.

Create delicious and nutritious recipes


 ‘I haven’t got the time!’, ‘healthy food tastes awful!’, or’ it’s too complicated!’ are just some the reasons or rather excuses we make for not cooking healthy meals.  This is why I have created dozens of healthy recipes that:

  • can be made in minutes

  • are easy to follow

  • use simple ingredients

  • are delicious and nutritious

My healthy fat loss cook book is packed full of tasty recipes; designed to fill your stomach but not your fat cells; allowing you to lose weight without hunger.

Contact us for a full breakdown of how we can PLAN your Body Beautiful